eXodus (“Let My People Go”) Puzzle


eXodus puzzle

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The giant X (Ten) is a symbol of significance in this watercolor illustration. For example 1. Ten commandments 2. Ten Egyptian plagues (illustrated and hidden within the water) 3. Ten Hebrew blessings (also illustrated and hidden in the water) 4. The center of the X found in the layout of this illustration is also meant to draw the eye to the depiction of the power of God delivering His people from the pursuing Egyptian army (notice the three fleeing Egyptian Gods, powerless to stop the Hebrews escape or protect the Egyptian army from destruction). As the Hebrew words, “let my people go” hidden within the fire remind us, the story of the parting of the Red Sea is a reminder of God’s power of deliverance in each of our lives. TEST

Number of pieces: 500 | Size: 18″x18″

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